Three big things for 2019

Photo: Eng Beng

Photo: Eng Beng


Wow, it’s been a long time since I blogged. And I’m ashamed to see how little entries I had last year. Only four?? Goodness.

Writing is not my strength and it has never been. Because it’s not something I’m good at, and not something that comes to me naturally, it requires a huge motivation to even get started.

But I promise I will try harder this year, to write about anything that comes to mind.

I pick up a new skill every year because doing the same thing year after year, and living the same life as the previous year is too boring. Last year, I finally learnt how to swim! After years of being afraid of water, I can finally swim now. Hahah! I still haven’t entirely gotten over my fear of water yet though, and I panic whenever I realise I’m at the deepest section of the pool, but I’m sure if I get into the pool more often, I can get over that.

This year too, I will work on developing my skills and learn something new.

Last week, I was looking through my photos and realised that for the whole of last year, I have been busy mostly with client work that I haven’t been shooting much for myself. So…three big things that I want to work on and learn this year:

  1. Document more moments of my family, friends and loved ones. Sometimes I get tired from shooting day in, day out for work, and I don’t bring my camera when I’m out with family or friends. But looking back, these are the moments that really matter and I want to keep more of these moments for later when I grow old.

  2. Shoot more intentionally. I tend to go with the ‘feel’ and shoot as I wish when it comes to personal shoots. But from now, I will put more thought into the work I create, push myself creatively and be a better photographer.

  3. Push my limits in videography and video editing, master Adobe After Effects and really learn animation - I’m a big fan of animation and have been trying to pick it up on my own but it’s difficult!

I don’t want to commit to too many things at the same time, and I’m sure these three things will keep me busy enough! Let’s go 2019!

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