Looking harder


I've always found it difficult to photograph the streets of Singapore. 

It's clean, too proper, it lacks character and it's boring.

But rather than the streets lacking character, I'm probably just too used to this city. After all, I was born here, I grew up here, and lived here all my life. There's nothing new about HDB flats, nothing exciting about Gardens by the Bay and nothing thrilling about Sentosa. And the fact that there are no seasons to look forward to is the worst.

I take more photos when I'm abroad than when I'm at home, which explains why my Instagram is filled with overseas photos. But I want to change that, and I'm challenging myself to look harder at the country I live in.

Although living in a small city state means we don't really have new places to explore, and have lesser recreational options (no big outdoor trekking to waterfalls or nice views from mountains), there's something special about this place - the way we live, the food we eat, the people we meet, the "boring" things that make up our life. 

Maybe if I look hard enough, I'll be able to capture home in a different light. 


Living on the top floor of a HDB block does offer a different way of looking at things-

and this took me 20 years to realise.