Using the Fujifilm XT2 for a pre-wedding

It's been about half a year since I switched to an all-Fuji system. Today, I want to share my experience on a casual pre-wedding I shot three months ago with the Fuji XT2. I used the Canon MKIII before I made the switch, and the main reason for changing system was none other than the weight. This was the gear I had with me during the shoot:

  1. 2x XT2 bodies
  2. 16mm f1.4
  3. 35mm f2 
  4. 50mm f2 - rented
  5. 56mm f1.2 - rented
  6. Godox V860IIC Speedlite - I did not sell this away despite getting rid of all my Canon gear, and I'm glad I didn't because after an update from Godox, I can now use TTL and HSS with my Fuji - if you own a Godox flash, work with multiple camera brands and haven't heard about Godox's cross-brand TTL and HSS, you need to read this now).
  7. Canon 430EXII Speedlite
  8. Godox softbox

My favourite lens

35mm wins my heart hands down. It is the lens that has the honour of being on my XT2 most of the time because I'm used to visualising images in that focal length. Even during my Canon days, most of the images I captured with my 24-70mm were around 44mm. Naturally, the 50mm was my favourite Canon lens too. 

Second favourite - the 16mm. Simply because I shoot mainly environmental portraits, and I like to have my subjects as part of the environment, rather than isolate them from it. However, I did find this to be too wide on certain occasions and maybe a 18mm or 23mm would have been more suitable. 

So how did the photos turn out?

Nailed it!

Some of the shots I took involved running, and others in low light. Glad to say that the XT2 pulled off these shots exceptionally well! I was able to capture the exact images I had visualised, without feeling burdened by the weight of the equipment. And this couldn't be more satisfying. 

I was particularly impressed with the 50mm f2 that I rented. I shot the running scenes with this lens and I was able to keep up with the motion because of the quick focusing. I don't think the 56mm would have been able to achieve that. 50mm may not be a common focal length, but I really like it!

Fuji's colours are also amazing. The colour reproduction was what got my attention back in 2016 when I first got the Fuji XE2s as my leisure camera. I shoot film occasionally and have always loved the colours I got out of film. Fuji's cameras are so far the best in the market for simulating that film look. Even when I shot in RAW, it wasn't difficult to process the photos to get the look I wanted.

In a nutshell, the XT2 is a camera that is very well suited to my shooting style. If you follow my Instagram account, you would have noticed that I shoot a lot of street photography, and the size of the camera is just perfect for that! I get to capture genuine moments without being too intrusive. The images it produces are no less inferior to that of a full-frame DSLR, and is good even for professional work. I'm glad I made the switch. 

If you enjoy reading such articles, let me know in the comments below and I'll put out more of such articles in future!